The adventures of Sir Oliver

Posted on September 8, 2021


Even though Mr. Ken and I have been stuck in the house for 20 months, our dear Sir Oliver has been busy with lots of adventures.

sir oliver 2nd birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday!

It was two years ago September 4 when Sir Oliver joined us from Buckingham Palace. Here he is celebrating with a balloon and a cupcake.

sir oliver in kayak

Gone fishin’

Sir Oliver and his pals, Sir Angus, Toby, Simba and Timba, are enjoying some kayak time. Even though I can’t kayak this year, at least someone is enjoying the boat.

sir oliver and security camera

Investigating the security camera.

Sir Oliver is quite curious and he just had to get up close and personal to one of our security cameras.

So what adventures have you been up to lately?