Onyx Media Belgium – how NOT to do marketing

Posted on August 4, 2021


bad marketing

Okay, time for another rant about really, really annoying marketing. Once again it is about idiots who think that annoying someone with multiple emails will mean that one will do business with them.

Shame on you Onyx Media Belgium! Not only have you been sending multiple emails to me, but you are sending these emails to a really old email address. Yes, this company is legitimate, so maybe technically this isn’t spam.

Do NOT do business with this company. They are charlatans.

Here are just some of the misleading things they do:

1. Constant barrage of emails, along with deceptive email addresses.

I have been getting emails from Nathalie Schallier, Chief Operating Officer at Onyx Media. Yet, every time I get an email, it is from a slightly different email address. Sometimes is is from nathalie.s@onyx-posts.com and sometimes it is from nathalie.s@onyxmedia.com. Nathalie, don’t you think most people are intelligent enough to figure out these emails are from the same person. The only reason I can think you do this is to get around spam filters, every time I put a filter in place using the latest email, you send me an email from another email address.

2. Generic emails that say nothing.

Nathalie offered to help NancyLoderick.com with social media posts. Why? She didn’t even explain why I would want her to do this.

3. Not bothering to do research on target markets.

Nathalie sends emails to a really old email address of mine; one that I haven’t used in about 8 years. If she had bothered to actually read my blog, she would see that there is a prominent “Contact Me” button. If she had used that, her emails would have been forwarded to my current email address.

4. Hidden company location.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out exactly where Onxy Media Belgium is based. I think it is Belgium since Nathalie’s LinkedIn profile lists Belgium as where she lives. I guess this company hasn’t heard about transparency.

5. Generic company name.

There are several companies out there named Onyx Media. You would think a company that bills itself as a digital marketing agency would have done a name check before decided on a company name. I don’t think Onyx Media Belgium was the first company with this name.

What annoying marketing stories do you have to tell?

Megaphone picture is Garry Knight under Creative Commons licensing 2.0.