Ah – coffee!

Posted on August 19, 2020


keurig coffee maker

With all this shelter at home, I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate the small things. As for slowing down, one is “forced” to do this since there is nowhere to go. I am a morning person and definitely need coffee to get me going first thing.

Mr. Ken and I had our moment of excitement when we bought this new, fancy Keurig coffee maker from Costco. This thing does everything one could want, including probably cooking dinner!

One does need an advanced degree in Computer Science to operate it though.

All that aside, the coffee is exquisite. Now, I am not a fussy person when it comes to my food or drink, but after having coffee from this Keurig, I’m hooked. I think it’s a combination of the double filtered water and the high quality coffee. Whatever it is, it works.

This coffee maker brews coffee by the carafe or by the single cup, with pods. I swear, I am getting up even earlier so I can enjoy my coffee now.

What things make your day special?