More of what happens when you are stuck at home

Posted on August 12, 2020


Ack, will this virus thing ever end? It doesn’t seem so, here in the good old U.S.A. Here is more stuff that happens when one is stuck at home for months on end.

costco forgotten purchases

1. Trips to Costco.

In the good old days, our trips to Costco were quite easy and simple. A few minutes before we left, we would peruse our pantry to see what we needed and add it to the list. We would take said list and proceed to Costco. Mr. Ken used to enjoy these trips since there were a lot of free food samples at Costco.

Now, we have to mentally gear ourselves up and go through the following checklist:

* Masks – check.
* Chlorox wipes – check.
* Latest COVID case count – check.

Since we are more distracted these days, unexpected things happen, like having a year’s supply of toilet paper. No, we really weren’t hoarding, it’s just we are so distracted that everytime we go to Costco, we think, “Oh, we’d better get toilet paper since I don’t think we bought it last time.” Um, well, we did buy it last time. 🙂

amazon deliveries
2. Online shopping – Part 2.

As you all probably know, I love to exercise and I love everything about exercise, including the fun accessories. I am a part of the Amazon Vine program. This is not to be confused with Amazon Prime. As a member of Amazon Vine, I get access to lots of free stuff to review. And oh happy day when my list has a lot of exercise related stuff on it. So with this latest take I got a resistance band and some cool, pink weight lifting gloves and a pretty new band for my Fitbit.

I also love experimenting with different face creams. And this is all for free!