A mini road trip!

Posted on August 26, 2020


road trip

Our world seems to be shrinking by the day. Now that Rhode Island is a newly re-emerging COVID hotspot, we will not be taking any trips there to visit my cousin. What is left? Trips to the grocery store, trips to Costco and what else?

When all else fails, there is always Dairy Queen. It is impossible to be sad when one is eating a Blizzard. This time, we decided to take our little friends, Sir Oliver and Sir Angus, with us. As you can see, they are safely riding with a seat belt. They enjoyed their little trip. Granted, we only went about 10 miles from our house, but it was further than we normally travel.

Okay, so we are spending time talking about and talking to small stuffed animals. Well, we have been stuck inside since March. That is six long months, for those of you that are counting. All Mr. Ken and I do are take walks and go the food store. For extra excitement, we go to Costco. Thus, our conversation isn’t much more than, “How was your walk? Did you see any people? Did you see any chipmunks? What do we need at the store?”

We also talk to our hummingbirds and our chipmunks. This year, we have four chipmunks, CC, OC, Kendra and Winston.

Who do you talk to during lockdown and where have you gone recently?