Road trip!

Posted on July 1, 2020


road trip

So Mr. Ken and I decided to venture out to Rhode Island last week. I have a cousin who recently moved there and we are very close. We felt comfortable going to visit him because he has been staying at home, leaving home only to go for walks and to the grocery store.

Since this whole COVID thing started, the farthest I have been from my house is 6 miles away to Costco. We are traveling down Route 95 and I was having fun already. “Oh my, look at those road signs! Oh my, look at that industrial park!” Anything is better than staring at the 4 walls inside my house.

My cousin lives near the ocean and it was so nice to enjoy the ocean breeze. We even did the typical “shore” thing and had a hamburger and french fries for lunch. Now you all should know the last time I ate a hamburger was 1982. No, I am not a vegetarian, but after seeing a documentary about how hamburger is made, I was turned off of most meat. But that hamburger sure tasted good.

The only tough part was lots of traffic on the road, I think every car registered in Rhode Island was on Route 95. I don’t think anyone was “sheltering at home.” To be fair, Massachusetts and Rhode Island are slowwwwwwly reopening and folks are allowed out. Everyone took that to heart and ended up on Route 95.

What fun trips have you taken lately?

Cool old car photo is courtesy of . Jill Wellington.