Going back in time

Posted on January 22, 2020


movie theater

So Mr. Ken and I, in our attempt to get out more in the winter, decided to go to the movies. Being the cheap, er frugal folks that we are, we looked for bargains. The regular movie theaters now charge $20.00 for a movie ticket! What??? I remember when movie tickets were $7.00. I guess that shows how long it has been since I’ve been to the movies.

But, our persistence paid off and we found a local cinema, independently owned in the town close to us. Wednesdays are discount days and all tickets are $8.00. Yay!

inside movie theater

Walking into the theater is like going back in time. The interior looks and smells exactly like the theater that used to be in our town. There is nothing like the smell of hot buttered popcorn to bring back memories.

Since we went in the middle of the day, we were practically the only ones in the theater. It was like having our own private showing. This is in contrast to the big, commercial movie theaters where there always seem to be crowds and noise.

Who goes to the movies in the middle of a weekday? Mainly senior citizens. In case Mr. Ken and I were not aware of that, the ads that were shown before the movie started reminded us of that. We learned all about hearing aids, stair lifts, home health care and assisted living options. 🙂

We saw the movie, “A Hidden Life,” which is about an Austrian farmer Franz Jägerstätter, who faces the threat of execution for refusing to fight for the Nazis during World War II. He was later declared a matyr and beatified by the Catholic Church. This was a very intense film and there was no happy ending. The scenery was magnificent; it was filmed in South Tyrol, Germany, which was supposed to represent Austria.

It was quite the experience and I am still thinking about not only the movie, but remembering our local theater and all the movies I saw there as a kid.

Where have you gone back in time lately?

Theater inside is from Dedham Community Theater.