Happy New Year!

Posted on January 1, 2020


zen stones

Okay, so we can’t predict the future. We can’t really control the future. All we have is the present moment. Easier concept to say than to understand.

Like most people, I had been big on New Year’s resolutions. And having just one resolution would not do, I would have a list of ten. Needless to say come mid-January, all the resolutions were forgotten. And I didn’t even feel guilty about it.

A couple of years ago, I decided to simplify my life. I chose one theme for a year. One year it was gratitude; another year it was compassion and last year it was joy. This year I resolve to be fully present in every moment. I will try to stop constantly multi-tasking and thinking about what I need to do next.

Focusing on one this is so much easier to do! I try to make sure everything I do and everything I think, leads to my theme.

What about you, what will you resolve to do in 2020?