Ahhh, summertime!

Posted on July 31, 2019


I used to think that fall was my favorite time of year, but over the years I have changed my mind. I love summer! A lot of it has to do with the hours of daylight. As I have gotten older, I seem to be more sensitive to less hours of daylight and my energy is less. The long, sunny days of summer are such an energy boost.

I also love all the fresh fruits and vegetables that are available. We have a local farmstand, where I shop daily. My two favorite things from there are:

fresh corn

1. Fresh corn.

And it really is fresh. I shop at the stand the first thing in the morning. The corn still has the morning dew on it! Can’t get much fresher than that.

yummy peach

2. Local peaches.

As much as I love the California peaches from Trader Joe’s, there is nothing like the local peaches. So yummy!

What about you, what is your favorite thing about summer?