What can you believe in the media?

Posted on August 7, 2019


And I am not talking about all the political nonsense going on here in America. So Mr. Ken and I are planning a big trip to London. As part of our preparation, I wanted to see what the weather has been like so I can plan my outfits. On a side note here, Mr. Ken (and probably most men), don’t plan outfits; they just pack the same clothes for every trip.

So I googled “Notting Hill weather.” This is what appeared:

notting hill weather

A temperature of 79 degrees Fahrenheit doesn’t look too bad. After all, it is summertime.

I then googled “London weather” and this is what appeared:

heathrow weather

According to this website (ABC News), London is in the throes of a major heat wave. The temperature at Heathrow was 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Notting Hill and Heathrow are only 14 miles apart. Could there really be that much temperature difference?

Huh? Who to believe?