Where is your happy place?

Posted on June 26, 2019


what is your priority

For me, that’s easy.  It’s out kayaking.  I could be having the most stressful day on the planet, but when I get out on the water in my kayak, it all goes away.  I am just enjoying the fresh air, the way my boat smoothly glides through the water and all the wildlife. I am especially enjoying being out this year since I have just recovered from more foot surgery and I was housebound for several weeks.

The New England winters can be hard, no kayaking for me.  There are some hard core folks who would go out, but not me.  Even in the winter, I do try to get outside every day, even in cloudy weather.  When it is sunny, but cold, it can be invigorating. Yet, I count the days until I can get out kayaking.

Where is your happy place?