Nancy and Ken’s South Carolina adventure

Posted on June 19, 2019


Mr. Ken is a Jersey boy, but his family, including his mother and two brothers have moved to South Carolina. So now, instead of talking with Jersey accent, e.g. saying “dawg and cawl” for dog and call, they say “y’all.”

Mr. Ken and I recently went for a visit. It was a lot of fun. We lucked out since the week before the Charleston temps were in the high 90’s. Yikes.

Here’s some quick pictures of our visit.

spanish moss

1. The ambience.

I feel like I am in a Gothic novel when I drive around the area.  Nothing says “south” like hanging moss.


front entrance

2. The front entrance of my mother-in-law’s place.

She lives in a beautiful retirement community. How elegant and Southern!

3. The baby cars.

I just love Smart cars – they are so cute. I call them baby cars. The security at my mother-in-law’s place uses these cars to get around. Usually, if I’m lucky, I may see a baby car once every few weeks. I saw several this time.

south carolina palmetto

4. The palmettos.

Nothing says South Carolina like palmetto trees. I think they are the “official” tree of South Carolina. They are everywhere.

southern fried chicken

5. Fried chicken.

Nothing says the south like fried chicken. Okay, it’s not the healthiest food on earth, but it sure is good.


6. The alligators.

There are some lovely lagoons scattered throughout my mother-in-law’s community. They are lovely, except for the signs that say, “Beware of the alligators.”

So what fun trips have you taken lately?

Palmetto tree photo is from, under Creative Commons Licensing 3.0.