Planning the London Trip – Part 1

Posted on April 24, 2019


union jack flag

So the flights have been booked and the flat reserved. See, I am already turning into an Englishwoman, by saying flat, not apartment. Here is the next installment of our London adventures.


black hole


1. The mobile phone data black hole.

Another random fact I remember is that one probably needs a different SIM card for overseas. And I have no idea what this last sentence means; it’s something to do with the teeny, tiny little chip thingie that goes into the phone.

I created an account on Airbnb. This is a pretty cool website. Well, unbeknownst to me, they auto-populate your choices on how you want to be contacted. So, email, text, tablet and phone was checked. I quickly found out this is what they did when I started contacting hosts and asking them questions. Suddenly, my email was pinging and my phone was buzzing and making all sorts of noises. What?????

I was able to figure out how to stop this madness. All you have to do is text, “stop” to the number. But then you get a little message saying, “beware, data charges may be incurred.” My data plan isn’t unlimited and I pay through the nose if I go over my limit. I can just see me using 5 gillion gigabytes of data with these texts. Luckily, this wasn’t the case. My head is ready to explode so I will research the new SIM card another day.


london mcdonalds


2. He said, she said.

I go into Mr. Ken’s office to ask him a question and I see him busy looking at a map. Even from a distance, I can tell that it is a map of London. I am happy because Mr. Ken is getting into the spirit of things. That is until he says, “There is a McDonalds practically next door to where we’re staying. Isn’t that exciting?” Um, no, not really. And here I thought Mr. Ken might be researching some cultural things to do in London like visit Buckingham Palace or the Tower of London. I should have known better.