A little technical rant

Posted on May 1, 2019


smart tv

So I finally bought a Smart TV for my exercise room. A Smart TV means you can access the Internet from your TV. I wanted to be able to access the myriad of exercise videos on YouTube. As if my collection of 100’s of exercise DVDs wasn’t enough!

The picture is crystal clear and big! It’s is somewhat intimidating to see my favorite exercise instructors larger than life! And at 5 am no less.

annoying remote

All is not well in the land of exercise though. The remote control is my nemesis. For one thing, the buttons are so sensitive to the touch, you practically just wave your finger over a button and the TV changes.

The buttons are somewhat cryptic as well. I started a video, but wanted to go back to the main screen. You would think that there would be a button labeled “back,” but no, the back button is a teeny tiny little square shape at the bottom of the remote. I only found that out because I accidentally hit it and I was back.

jessica smith and peanut

I seem to keep ending up with the CNN streaming station instead of my favorite exercise instructor, Jessica, and her cute sidekick, Peanut.