It’s Peep time!

Posted on April 17, 2019


As Easter draws near, it is time for my annual Peeps post. As most of you know, I love Peeps almost as much as I love chipmunks. I searched far and wide to find some fun new Peeps pictures.

peep mobile
1. The famous Peep Mobile!

Do you know in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the home of Just Born, where Peeps are made, has a Peep mobile? What could be cooler?

Peeps Easter house
2. A Peeps Easter House.

This looks so simple that even I could make this. Come to think of it, I think I will. I have Peeps, I have graham crackers and some little chocolate eggs.

yoga Peeps
3. Yoga Peeps.

I love Peeps and I love yoga, so of course this picture spoke to me.

Cat with Peeps
4. Cat with Peeps.

Mmm, I wonder if we could train one of our chipmunks to lie with Peeps?


Peep donut

5.  Donut Peeps.

What would Easter be without a donut Peep?  This picture is courtesy of Mr. Ken.  This is what he had for lunch. 🙂


Do you have any fun Peeps pictures to share?

Peep mobile photo is from Discover Lehigh

Peeps Easter house is from 25 Crazy Uses for Easter Peeps.

Yoga Peeps is from Some Peeps of mine doing yoga.

Cat with Peeps is from Bustle.