What is your priority?

Posted on July 25, 2018


kayaking and gratitude

I think it’s important to periodically review your priorities, since they may change over time. Right now, my priority is kayaking. As I tell my friends: “It’s my happy place.” Making something a priority means that you may need to schedule your life around it. This can be hard to do, but I have found that once you declare something a priority and you take even small steps towards making that a reality, the universe cooperates with you.

June and July are busy months for my consulting work. This can be tough since it would be nice to take it easier in the summer. But, I have found that if I can get my kayaking in, I am much better prepared for the “rigors” of my consulting work. I am more attentive, more creative and more open to all the new clients have to offer.

What about you? What is your priority right now?