Mr. Ken’s latest toy

Posted on July 18, 2018


So I come home from doing errands and this sight greeted me.

new toy

This is a different phone that what Mr. Ken usually uses, so I am puzzled. I am even more puzzled when said object starts making odd noises, kind of like chirping sounds. Naturally, I reach toward the phone to see what is going on. All of a sudden I hear a voice from upstairs saying, “Don’t touch my phone; it’s updating.” Okay, how did he know I was about to touch his phone? Has Mr. Ken somehow rigged up the camera to “spy” on folks?

Finally the chirping stops. Mr. Ken comes bounding down the stairs and very carefully picks up the phone and stares intently at it. He smiles and announces that the OS2 updates are finally done. Now he says he has to wait for the SIM card so he can activate his new phone. I look at him as though he is speaking in a foreign language, because he is.

I am thinking to myself, “don’t all phones come with SIM cards?” I don’t know exactly what SIM cards are, but I do know they have something to do with mobile phones. Mr. Ken carefully explains that his new phone is “unlocked” and that you can put in any SIM card you want. Okay, that’s nice. 🙂

I am also thinking that this phone has a life of its own since it seems to be doing stuff even without a SIM card.

Mr. Ken then disappears upstairs, carefully holding his new phone, all the while muttering, “I sure hope that SIM card comes today, otherwise I’ll be in big trouble.”

I decide to leave well enough alone.

Later that day, the long-awaited SIM card arrives. It is the tiniest thing I have ever seen. It is about the size of a dime.

sim card

It’s amazing what technology can do!

Mr. Ken is madly making phone calls to the Ting customer service reps so they can help him activate or install or whatever the SIM card. Success!

Mr. Ken is very happy now.

mr ken with new toy