Hidden Boston – Bay Village

Posted on November 8, 2017


Boston is such a great city for walking. A few weeks ago, a dear friend took me for a walking tour of Bay Village in Boston. Bay Village is the smallest officially recognized neighborhood in Boston and is home to about 1300 residents. It is near Back Bay and the architecture is very similar to that of Beacon Hill. The craftsmen who build Beacon Hill resided in this area and that is why the similarity.

The infamous Cocoanut Grove Nightclub was located at the edge of Bay Village. In 1942, 492 people lost their lives from this fast moving fire. The good thing to come out of this tragedy was that fire codes were updated.

Bay Village is like a “poor man’s” version of Beacon Hill. Although these days, you have to be quite wealthy to afford these.

Enjoy these pictures!

bay village town houses

Pretty window accents.

bay village architecture

You can get a sense of what Boston must have been like in the 1800’s with these cobblestone streets.

bay village street

What interesting walks have you been on lately?