Where in the world are Ken and Nancy?

Posted on November 15, 2017


A bit of a mystery this week. Can you guess where Mr. Ken and I vacationed last week? The only hint I will give is that it is in the mountains and I am now tempted to start saying, “Y’all” instead of “You all.”

All will be revealed next week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy some sights from our vacation.

1. The city.

Here’s where we visited. Can you guess where it is? Those of my friends who know where I went, no spoiling the mystery!

pretty vacation city

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We start most vacations with fried chicken; this is just the thing after having arisen at 2:30 am to catch an early flight. We arrive in our destination just in time for lunch. Yes, even I, who is also known as the diet police, indulges sometimes. Here I am, after a satisfying meal of fried chicken.

kentucky fried chicken

3. View from my daily walk.

What a beautiful sight to wake up to! I could just stand there and soak in the view. It is so peaceful.

daily walk view

4. The beautiful estate.

This estate is world-renowned. And it lived up to its reputation. The rooms were extra beautiful because they had been decorated for Christmas.

beautiful estate

estate at christmas

5. The greenhouses.

Every estate has greenhouses and this one was no exception. The pictures don’t do the flowers justice.

exotic flower

estate greenhouse

6. A fine dining experience.

The cool thing about this restaurant, which is right on the grounds of the estate, is that it used to be a barn. We ate in a converted horse stall.

horse stall

7. Another fine dining experience.

How exciting to learn that there was a Dairy Queen in the vicinity. Of course, we made this one of our first stops.

dairy queen

So, where do you think we are?