There is always a way

Posted on December 2, 2015


being positive

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. And no, it’s not because of the food, but because of the emphasis on being thankful and being around family and friends. I am always reflective now too, since I have such happy memories of spending Thanksgiving with my Dad’s side of the family. They lived in Plymouth, which is a cool place to spend the holiday.

As I am thinking about things and perusing the Internet to see if any of my favorite exercise instructors will have any Black Friday sales, I started to think about how exercise can mirror life. Well, maybe for me since I am so obsessed, er, interested, in exercise that this is a natural outcome.

My motto? There is always a way. I used to love to run and do high impact aerobics. If I wasn’t pounding my body, it didn’t count as exercise. Well, countless injuries later, I have come to realize that this is not the way for me to stay healthy. I do lots of yoga, barre and walking. And you know what, I am in the best shape of my life. Go figure.

I also love how I am nurturing my body, mind and spirit with my activities. Yoga is especially good for this. Since I was learning new skills, like barre, I had to really concentrate. Even though it was hard at first, I persevered and I am so glad that I did. Having to concentrate so hard on yoga balancing moves or barre moves, left no room in my mind for worrying. Each class felt like a mini-vacation for me.

My lessons learned:

1. Even if an event seems like a negative thing, in the long run, it may turn out to be the best thing for you.

I never would have ventured into yoga and barre if I hadn’t been injured.

2. How you view an event can determine your happiness level.

I could have just been depressed and upset that my body couldn’t do the things it used to. Instead, I chose to focus on what I could do.

I am so very thankful for all the blessings in my life today. What are you thankful for today?

Pretty balloon picture is from Kamran Kan Photography, under Creative Commons Licensing.