Change your schedule and change your life

Posted on March 18, 2015


change your life

They say, whoever “they” are, that changing your environment can do wonders for your psyche and creativity.  While I wish I could be sitting on a nice sunny beach with Mr. Ken, this is not possible right now.  I have been staying over my mother’s house, helping her out since she fell.

It was kind of strange being in the house I grew up in.  It felt familiar in many ways, but not in other ways.  I enjoyed staying there.

How this change helped me.  I was able to:

1.  Rethink exercise.

I didn’t have the luxury of all my exercise equipment, so I had to be more creative with my workouts.  Youtube became my best friend.  I also discovered several online classes.  One of the reasons I am so in love with the 21 Day Fix workouts is that they only use 2 sets of dumbbells.  Yes, I have a few extra sets of dumbbells at my Mom’s.  I never know when I will get the urge to workout at her house.

2.  Rethink schedule.

Her house is wonderfully located since it is within walking distance of the grocery store, the drug store and my church.  I was able to get out and about in spite of the 110 inches of snow we received.

3.  Renew relationships.

Mom and I ate dinner together every night.  I really enjoyed this time with her.  I could relax and enjoy my time with her, not like my usual visits, where I’m usually crunched for time and having to rush off to do something else.

4.  Rethink food.

We both love fish.  Mr. Ken does not.  Mom and I enjoyed all kinds of fish every week.  I feel so much smarter now!

5.  Rethink spare time.

When I’m at home, I spend way too much time on the computer.  Can we say Double Solitaire?  At Mom’s house, I have an old laptop, which is so slow compared to my home computer so I don’t like spending much time on it.  Plus, it is a pain to have to get it out and set it up in the dining room.  I didn’t miss being on the computer at all!

What about you?  What happened when you had to change something in your life?

Change quote is from Pics Champ.