Is it luck or is it something else?

Posted on August 27, 2014


nancys barre 3 winnings
I’ll admit it, I am envious of people I consider to be lucky. Everything seems to go their way. They have the perfect job, the perfect family and the perfect life. Well, not really, since you never know what other people are facing.

I have started using Facebook to follow and interact with my favorite exercise instructors. No surprise, I am following a local barre studio, Barre3 Needham. For the uninitiated, barre is a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates. The local studio had a contest last week; all you had to do was post something about them and you would be entered to win. I almost didn’t bother, thinking “I never win anything, so why bother.” I am so glad I did because I won!

I won:

  •  an exercise ball.  So now I have 5 of them – to find out more about these, visit my post, What do you collect?
  •  a wrist band. Too cool, huh?
  •  a water bottle. I will think of barre everytime I drink from it.
  •  3 free classes at the studio! The best of all.

The picture at the top of this post shows my winnings. 🙂

I am so excited that I won. I’ve always wanted to take a live barre class, and now I can.

And this all happened because I decided to take an action.

My lesson learned from all this is to “just do it.” You never know where an action will lead you!

How about you? Have resisted taking an action, but did it anyway and had some surprising results?