Snowshoe bliss!

Posted on January 22, 2014


Nancy snowshoeing
In honor of the latest big snowstorm, I just HAD to do another post about having fun in the snow. My attitude is that if I’m going to live where it snows, I might as well make the most of it. I don’t believe in complaining or even dwelling on those things which you can’t change or control.

After the big snow we had, everything looked so pretty. I was dying to get out snowshoeing, but duty called. I had to go dig out my Mom and then come back home to keep an eye on Mr. Ken. He wanted to get out on our family room roof to clear off the snow, but I don’t like him doing this when I’m not home. I have a vision of coming back and seeing him facedown in a snowbank, with nothing but his two legs sticking out!

The day was clear and sunny. A perfect day for snowshoeing! A quick 10 minute walk gets me to some fields and woods. I saw a family of deer and my first thought was, “oh dear, do deer ever attack humans? The buck looked pretty big and mean. The little deer were cute.” There were lots of tracks in the fresh snow. It looks like the deer had a field day cavorting around. There were also some other tracks that looked like rabbit prints. Now, I’m no mountain man, so who knows.

Boy, snowshoeing is hard! I consider myself an advanced exerciser and very fit. I was not moving very fast, yet my heart was pounding. It was a glorious day! There is nothing like being outside on a beautiful day.

I was exhausted when I came home, but it was the good kind of tired, not the stress tired. I will admit I ate several pretzel M & Ms, rationalizing it by thinking of all the calories I burned while snowshoeing.

How do you make the most of situations?

The picture of yours truly in full snow shoeing gear is thanks to the famous Cranky Ken!

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