How do you escape?

Posted on August 18, 2011


nancy loderick kayaking on riverKayaking is my ultimate escape. Water like glass, birds singing, gentle breezes blowing. My boat glides softly through the water and the only sound is the gentle splish splash of my paddle propelling me forward.

I’m very fortunate to live only 5 minutes away from a beautiful river. When I’m out on my kayak, all I see are trees, fields and flowers.

Here’s why kayaking is such a great escape and stress releaser:

1. I use my body.

Paddling a kayak is an awesome upper body workout. Like most women, my legs are much stronger than my upper body. To get ready for kayak season, I focus on building upper body strength.

I feel so strong and centered after I’ve finished kayaking.

2. I use my mind.

When I’m out on the water, I can be really present in the moment. I savor every minute. I can be having the most stressulf week, but it all disappears when I’m out on my kayak.

3. I can just get up and go.

No fancy plans or a lot of equipment. I just put my kayak on my car and go. My two dream vacations are a walking tour of England and a visit to Tuscany. These will be my great escapes. Until that time, I’ll escape to the river.

I return, to land exhausted, yet exhilirated. I feel strong and in control and ready to face whatever life throws at me.

How about you? How do you escape?

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