How kayaking helped me learn technology

Posted on September 28, 2010


Nancy Loderick kayaking


I finally figured out how kayaking has helped me in business. Who would have thought that a low tech activity like kayaking could be such a help in learning technology?


Here’s what kayaking has taught me about technology:

1. Stop waiting for that perfect moment and just do it.
A perfect kayaking day is sunny, low humidity and low wind. When I’m lucky to get out on such a day, it’s pure bliss. However if I waited until such a perfect day, I’d only get out a few times a month. As long as the forecast doesn’t include thunderstorms and high winds, I go kayaking.

As for technology, I’m still trying to come up with a catchy name for my blog. If I had waited until I had a name, I wouldn’t have started writing my blog last December and have built up a nice network of readers.

2. Sheer determination can get you through a lot.
The wind was pretty high on my last paddle – it seemed to come out of nowhere. But, once I was out on the water, it was exhilarating to go against the wind. The sun was shining brightly and looked like diamonds reflected on the water. Those endorphins were pumping. It’s nearing the end of the season and I want to savour every moment on the water that I can.

As for technology, I’ve always loved learning new things. So maybe I don’t learn them as quickly as someone who grew up with this stuff, but so what? The more I use the WordPress software, the more I learn. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

3. Spending money to make your life easier is well worth it.
I spent over $1000 for a kayak that only weighs 33 pounds, rather than going with the heavy plastic kayaks that only cost about $300. This was the best $1000 I ever spent. I can, with the help of my husband, easily lift my kayak to the top of the car. It’s also a dream to paddle. I’ll be enjoying this kayak for a long time.

My old computer was perfectly serviceable, but with all the chip advances, it was slow. I want to be up to date on the latest software so I sprung for a new laptop. I’m so glad I did.

By opening my mind to new experiences, I’ve uncovered new opportunities. What new and exciting opportunities await you?