Writing adventures at Amazon.com

Posted on August 31, 2010


Book reviews at Amazon.com I love to read, to write and to expand my online presence. So writing book reviews for Amazon is a natural for me. I’ll admit it, I used to just read mysteries. They’re great escape, but they don’t exactly make you think. I chose to expand my repertoire with biographies, business books and technology books. I’m loving every minute of it.

I proudly did my first Amazon book review and found out my reviewer rank was #2,200,0000. (Yes, that’s right, #2.2 million). So much for becoming a thought leader on book reviews. As I kept writing reviews, my rank climbed by leaps and bounds. I’m now happy to say that I’m ranked #9129.

How did this happen? It’s hard to get your book review noticed if you’re reviewing popular books. Bestsellers typically have at least 100 reviews. How many new and insightful things can you say about such a book?

My discoveries:

1. Review lesser known books.
My tastes are ecletic and my latest fun read was Barefoot Sisters Walking Home, the story of 2 young women who walked barefoot the entire Appalachian trail from Georgia to Maine. There were a grand total of 3 Amazon reviews about this, so my review has a greater chance of being read.

2. Review other products.
I’m an exercise fanatic and have over 200 exercise DVDs (shhh, don’t tell my husband). Many of these I’ve ordered from Amazon. I love that free shipping and next day delivery.

Not a lot of people write reviews for exercise DVDs, especially for advanced exercise DVDs. And most of  the reviews aren’t that detailed. So I started reviewing exercise DVDs. I saw a niche with an unmet need and I jumped on it. Writing is writing and everytime I write something, it’s helping me.

I’m still reviewing books and as my ranking improves, I’m getting on publishers and authors’ radar. I’ve had several requests to review books and I’m loving it.

Dying to see what I’m talking about? You can check out Nancy Loderick profile on Amazon.com.

Sometimes you need to do your own thing and everything will work out.