What I’ve learned from Social Media

Posted on August 18, 2010


Learning Social Media
Whenever I delve into something different, I always learn something new about myself. Social media is no different. Here’s what I’ve learned about myself from using social media.

1. I’m not really social.
 I’m not anti-social, but then again I’m not one for being connnected 24/7. No surprises on this since I needed a lot of quiet time even before all these social media tools. I won’t be sleeping with my phone under my pillow anytime soon.

2. Seeing is believing.
I’m all for using a real photo for your picture. When people use avatars, I always wonder what they’re hiding.

3. Inspiration for creating content comes when I least expect it.
I get ideas for my blog:

**when I’m out for a walk
**in the middle of my yoga session
**when I’m waiting in line at the store.

I’ve gotten very good at thinking in bullet points so I can remember my ideas.

4. Writing is fun.
I minored in English in college and loved writing papers. Okay, so I’m a true nerd. Early in my career, I had to write a lot of financial reports and that sure was boring. It wasn’t until I started writing about technology that I found my voice and rediscovered my love of writing.

I wonder what surprises are in store for me as I get more involved with social media.