Learn from blogging

Posted on May 3, 2010


learn from blogging


I started blogging as an outlet for my love of writing and to build my online presence. Blogging has turned out to be so much more than that. It’s serendipity.

My unexpected lessons learned from blogging:


1. Change in perspective.

I now look at everything with new eyes, always mindful of what I can write about. Even uncomfortable situations give me valuable insights. Just last week I attended a session on Cloud Computing at L’Espalier, a fancy Boston restaurant. I felt somewhat out of my element, since the other participants were technology executives like Chief Technology Officers. The subject matter was a bit technical as well.

As I sat and observed the people (a favorite activity of mine), I mentally composed a blog post about it. Viewing this situation as an interesting social experiment made this experience fun.

2. Enhanced creativity.

I love finding ideas and inspiration in the most unexpected places. For example, as I was watching my favorite tv show, Survivor, I started thinking that Survivor is a social game. That lead to social games can teach us new things about social media. And, thus a blog post was created, “What Survivor can teach you about social media”.

I’m still working out how I can relate hiking to social media, so I can have an excuse to do more hiking!

3. Fun conversation topic.

I’m looking for a job and boy can this be a conversation killer when someone innocently asks, “so what are you up to these days?” This is especially tough for an introvert like me.

Now, I can proudly say, “I’m busy helping people create a better personal brand through my blogging.”

4. Expanding technical knowledge.

I’ve always loved technology. Now I’m even more psyched, as I learn more and more about the WordPress.com software, search engine optimization, and social media. I find myself having some pretty deep conversations with some colleagues in India, who were the tech team for a former client.

5. Taking that first step makes everything fall into place.

Well, it’s not quite that simple, but it sure feels that way. I was so tempted to hold off blogging until I came up with a perfect name for my blog, something catchy and unique. I’d still be waiting……

I’m now working on building a content marketing strategy for a business organization. It’s my dream job! And, it happened all because of blogging.

So what are you waiting for? Do one thing towards your dream today!

**a very special thank you to my good friend, Jeff N., who is always encouraging me to make my blogs more personal. This one’s for you Jeff!