How to choose meaningful Facebook friends

Posted on January 12, 2010

choose facebook friends

Is a Facebook friend the same as a real-life friend? It depends. This advice is for those who want to have meaningful connections on Facebook.

1. Start with people you know.

On your Facebook Home Page, in the lower right corner are the links you’ll need (see big green arrow). Click on the image below and make a full-screen view and you’ll see what I mean.

Facebook Home Page

2. Invite people from your email address book.

On the Home page, click on the link, “Invite friends,” and you’ll be brought to the page below. Click on this image and make it full screen to see what it will look like.

Facebook Invite Friends

**Be sure to put a personal message; you’ll be more likely to get a response!
**Don’t do a mass invite of everyone in your address book. Do you really want to be Facebook friends with your boss?

3. Invite friends of your Facebook friends.
Chances are you’ll know some of the friends of your friends.

4. Check out the Suggestions on your home page.
Although it’s a mystery how Facebook decides who to include in this section, you might find some interesting people there.

5. Personalize your invitations.
If you are going to invite people you don’t know, always include a personal message explaining why you’d like to connect with them. Do you have a mutual friend? Do you have mutual interests? Are you both part of a Faceook group?

6. Think before accepting Facebook friend invites from strangers.
Take a look at their profiles and if you like what you see, accept their invitation.

I accept friend requests from almost anybody except those:

  • single guys who are looking for women. Yes, I still get a lot of these. They must have a thing for blondes.
  • people who are obviously collecting names so they can market to you, e.g. Amway or Shaklee distributors.
  • Warning!
    Not everyone has the same notion of Facebook etiquette. Even people you thought you knew well may turn out to be annoying on Facebook. They may constantly share their political views or their pet causes. You can either hide their updates (just click on the “hide” button next to their name. Or, if they are just too annoying, you can unfriend them. Just go to your Friends list and click on the “X” next to their name. They won’t be notified if you do this.