Return of the geeks

Posted on January 18, 2023


pocket protector

My dear Mr. Ken loves donuts and chipmunks. He also loves technology. He claims to never have had a pocket protector, but I know better. There must be one floating around our house somewhere.

The other day, he was in his office, very focused on his computer screen. I asked him a question and no answer. Now guys you all know about the “selective listening” that you practice with your partner. You hear what you want to hear and ignore the rest.

He finally drags his focus away from the computer screen, turns to me and says:

“You desperately need a NDSI Wi-Fi card. I am looking for one that connects to the motherboard and utilizes Bluetooth.”

I’m thinking to myself: “I have no idea what he just said, but it sounds serious. On one hand, I really need new glasses; I really need a vacation; and I really need to find some new hobbies. This new thingie is not on my list.”

Mr. Ken then turns back to his computer and starts typing quickly on the keyboard, all the while muttering to himself, “I must compare USB ports from these different websites.”

I”m thinking to myself: “Wow, this NDSI thingie is all over the web.”

What geek stories do you have to share?