Eating our way through Vermont

Posted on November 9, 2022


Sure, we had an active vacation here in Vermont, but we also enjoyed some yummy food. Um, we may have enjoyed a LOT of ice cream. It was made here in Vermont and just went down so easily. The first quart was our old favorite, salted caramel truffle.

salted caramel truffle ice cream

We then branched out to try, Wilson’s S’mores ice cream. Oh, double yum. We went through this quart in two days. And if we had had a way to bring back some to Massachusetts, we would.

smores ice cream

Our visit to Chester would not be complete without buying yummy candy. We bought maple candy, white chocolates and an assortment of handmade chocolates. Yum!

chester vt candy

What special food treats do you enjoy when on vacation?