It’s Peep time!

Posted on March 23, 2022


One of the hardest things about this 2 year Pandemic has been the lack of Peeps. The Peeps factory in Bethelem PA shut down for a while so there were no Peeps to be found anywhere. What a tragedy. I was so happy when the factory reopened in March, 2021. I immediately went out and stocked up on my beloved Peeps.

I love all Peeps, but I especially love the Easter ones. After all, these were the original Peeps.

Easter Peep

When I googled “Peeps,” there were thousands of images. Who knew that Peeps could be so popular?

I especially loved the article from Twin Cities, about Peeps Zoom calls. It shows, Peeps style, what not to do during Zoom calls. We’ve all been there!

Enjoy! article,

What Peeps stories do you have to share?