Pandemic schedules

Posted on January 13, 2021


pandemic schedule

Time seems to pass differently during the Pandemic. Maybe it’s because our schedules have been thrown off.

The other day Mr. Ken says to me: “Do you want to go to Costco tomorrow?”

I replied: “Not tomorrow, I have to mail the estimated taxes.”

Mr. Ken nodded and said: “Well, we can go the next day then.”

I stopped for a moment and started laughing. Notice I said “mail” the taxes, not “calculate” the taxes, not “write the checks for the taxes.” In the good old days, mailing something is a no brainer and it was done on the way to somewhere else. Not these days. Everything is a big deal and I find I can only do one outside activity a day. (Too sad, I know.)

To be fair, going to the Post Office isn’t as simple as it sounds. I wanted to mail the envelopes inside the Post Office since they had checks in them. But, the Post Office isn’t the cleanest place one can go these days. Plus, there always seem to be a lot of people waiting in line for the one sloooooow working Postal clerk. So, I have to plan my visit accordingly. I wear my face shield and my super duper mask and try to run in, drop the letters in the mail slot, and run out. All while holding my breath.

I came by from my errand exhausted and ready for a nap.

How has your schedule changed because of the Pandemic?

Schedule picture is courtesy of Marco Buonvino Flickr, under Creative Commons licensing 2.0.