Food, just food

Posted on April 29, 2020


I have never in my life spent so much time thinking about food. I think about when to go to the grocery store; I write my grocery list so that it follows the aisle so I can get in and out quickly. I wish I could hold my breath while I’m in the store to avoid breathing in germs, but that is not possible. Alas, I picture a big cloud of coronavirus germs floating around in the air. Yes, I do need to get a life.

new monthly budget

1. Branching out.

So Mr. Ken and trying out different alternatives to the usual, “just pop on down to the regular grocery store and buy food.” Who would have thought we would long for those days?
Anyway, there’s a small local market near us so we decided to try that out.

We get to the store and hurray there is no line. We grab a carriage and all of a sudden Mr. Ken disappears. Now this is no mean feat since this store is not that big. I still plan on following my “get in, get food and get out” strategy, but that’s tough without the carriage. I finally find Mr. Ken in front of the ice cream section. He is staring intently at the ice cream. I say to him, can I use the carriage. No response. He is really focusing on the ice cream choice.

I liked this store, but the prices are a lot higher than Market Basket, my favorite food store.


donuts galore

2. Missing donuts.

I am feeling brave so I decide to venture out to our local Trader Joe’s. Yes, I know there is always a line to get in the door, but I just love all their products. Mr. Ken offers to go with me and I am surprised. But then I think more about it and Mr. Ken is going a bit stir crazy with all this “sheltering in place.” Actually, I think he is really missing his daily donut, but we’ll let that pass.

We decide to “divide and conquer” once we’re inside Trader Joes. We reconvene at the check out. Mmm, funny thing, my cart is filled with frozen fruits and veggies, dairy stuff and salad. Mr. Ken has more(!) ice cream in his cart.

3. Unexpected joy.

Mr. Ken surprised me with a package from We, er rather I, had been rationing our nut consumption, knowing our trips to the food store are few and far between, but Mr. Ken comes to the rescue. He found this cool new site which has nuts and candy galore! Yay!

So now, I don’t care if we can’t buy meat or other staples at the grocery store, we’re all set with nuts and candy. After all, that is what makes life worthwhile!


food pantry

4. Seriously though.

My blog posts are tongue-in-cheek about food, but a lot of people out there are going hungry.ย  My heart aches when I read of people standing in line for hours at food pantries, only to be told there was no more food. If you are wondering how you can help others during this difficult time, might I suggest making a donation to your local food pantry? I know those places in Massachusetts aren’t accepting food donations, but they do need money to buy food for their pantries. They are experiencing something like 10 times the demand for their services.


Donut picture is from my friend Virginia; she posted this picture of a donut puzzle that she and her partner worked on.