More tales from the Pandemic

Posted on April 22, 2020


Oh no, not another post about the Pandemic. Enough already! Now that I’m stuck at home, all I have is time.

Here’s what is happening at our house this week:

pasta and more pasta

1. What’s for dinner.

Mr. Ken and I have undergone a change in roles. I now do the grocery shopping and meal planning. Especially for this week and next, I am trying to avoid going to the grocery store, given the COVID-19 surge is forecast to happen over the next two weeks. This time, of all times, is not when one wants to get sick. Heaven help us if we have to go to the hospital during this time.

My Production and Operations Management has served me well here. I am now constantly calculating how much food we have left and when we should eat it. I want to avoid running out of “real” food and having to eat pasta for seven nights in a row.

So Mr. Ken asked me the other night, “So what’s for dinner?” I answered, “Well we can have Rotini or Penne.” Mr. Ken pauses and then says, “Hey wait a minute, both of those are pasta.” Darn, I thought I could fool him.


peeps backdrop

2. Zooming in and out.

By now, most of you have heard of Zoom, the hot video conferencing tool that everyone is using now. Even though we are all “sheltering in place,” we still crave human interaction. Seeing one another on a video camera sort of fills that need.

Yes, it does, but now everyone is using it. I now spend my days sitting in front of my computer, staring into the video camera. I zoom with colleagues, I zoom with family and I zoom with friends. Too much zooming.

There is one bright spot here though. Zoom gives you the ability to set a backdrop, so everyone doesn’t have to see your messy office. My beloved Peeps have created a few backgrounds with Peeps, how cool. Although, I am not sure I would use this background for work-related calls.


covid peeps

3. Speaking of Peeps.

No Easter-time post would be complete without some more Peeps. I laughed when a friend sent me this picture of Peeps with face masks. And, since our library will be closed through June 30, I will need something else to occupy my time other than reading. So now I spend my time looking at pictures of Peeps.

That’s about it for this week. Stay well everyone!