Tales from the Pandemic – II

Posted on April 8, 2020


How long will this thing last??? No one knows, but I am mentally and physically preparing for the long haul. Here’s what’s new at our house this week.

quarantined instructions

1. Quarantine.

No, not us. Thankfully Mr. Ken and I are well. Our dryer broke last week, of all weeks for this to happen. It was easy enough to order a new dryer and get a quick delivery, especially since no one else is thinking about appliances right now.

Mr. Ken was a bit nervous about having strangers, e.g. the dryer delivery guys, come into our house, especially if they may be silent carriers of the virus since they go into a lot of people’s houses. He did refrain from spraying Lysol around them as they maneuvered through our house.

So the dryer is all set up and I go to use it. All of a sudden Mr. Ken yells, “Stop! Don’t touch anything!” Um, what???? He rushes in with a disinfecting cloth and proceeds to meticulously wipe down the dryer. He has also placed the dryer instructions and dryer sheets on a top shelf. They are officially “in quarantine” since the delivery guys touched them. I wonder when they will be safe to touch?

At least, this is just a dryer with a button that says “Start” and a dial that says “High,” “Medium” and “Low.” So I won’t need the instruction manual.


young male cardinal

2. Talking to the birds.

So Mr. Ken and I have been pretty much housebound for the past 3 weeks. We aren’t doing much except going out for walks and planning my “dangerous” expeditions to the grocery store. Not much for us to talk about. So what do I a do? I now talk to the birds that visit our bird feeder. No comment.


cleaning supplies

3. Cleaning, or not.

My good friend Lisa lives down the street from me. I miss seeing her! We talk every day. We all are dealing with the virus thing in our own ways. Lisa has been on a cleaning frenzy, every day when I talk to her, she tells me which room she has deep cleaned. Um, me, well, I spend my days recalculating how long my toilet paper stash will last.


4. Emotional turmoil.

As if all the bad news about the pandemic isn’t enough, the Peep Factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has shut down production indefinitely. Ack, I can’t even order my beloved Peeps online! What is this world coming to?


5. Binge watching.

Thank goodness for Netflix. Mr. Ken and I just finished watching a fascinating series on Churchill’s SOE spies. It is kind of like “Survivor,” where a group of individuals competes to see who can be the most successful SOE spy. My friend Lisa is watching the “The Tiger King.” She said it was on oops. She thought it would be kind of like the “Lion King,” a cute story. Well, it’s not, but yet Lisa couldn’t stop watching. She has already watched and re-watched all the episodes of “Murder She Wrote” and “SVU: Special Victims Unit.”

So what is new at your house this week? I hope all of my blogger friends are safe and well. I am sending healing thoughts and prayers to all of you!

Cleaning supplies photo is from Webstaraunt Store.