The adventures of Sir Oliver – Part 2

Posted on December 11, 2019


Yes, there are more adventures of our beloved Sir Oliver!

Sir Oliver and The Crown

1. Sir Oliver watching his favorite show, “The Crown.”

Sir Oliver is a bit homesick for London. He especially loves seeing his beloved Queen Elizabeth and his original home, Buckingham Palace.

Sir Oliver watching little birds

2. Sir Oliver watching the little birds at the bird feeder.

The little birds are just about his size.

Sir Oliver and the pilgrims

3. Sir Oliver learning all about Thanksgiving from his little Pilgrim friends, John and Priscilla.

Sir Oliver, being English, is not familiar with our American Thanksgiving traditions, but he loves
to learn!

Sir Oliver waking up from nap

4. Sir Oliver waking up from his nap.

Sir Oliver loves to sleep.

Since our chipmunks have gone in for their “big sleep,” we’ll have to be content watching Sir Oliver and his antics. Sir Oliver is looking forward to Christmas!