The adventures of Sir Oliver – Part 1

Posted on December 4, 2019


Sir Oliver is our favorite souvenir from our awesome London trip. He is a busy little being!

Sir Oliver at the flat

1. Sir Oliver at our flat in London.

Sir Oliver watching over us as we plan our London adventures. We adopted Sir Oliver from his home at Buckingham Palace.  Sir Oliver is named for one of our fabulous London walking tour guides, Oliver.  We also thought he should definitely be a “Sir,” since the English are so formal and all.

Sir Oliver with his acorn

2. Sir Oliver with his acorn.

Sir Oliver loves little things and he loves his little acorn.  He also loves sitting in our family room listening to “easy listening” music.  Actually I think that is what Mr. Ken likes to do, but he claims that music is Sir Oliver’s choice!

Sir Oliver watching for baby chipmunks

3. Sir Oliver watching the baby chipmunks.

Sir Oliver loves baby chipmunks; he is fascinated by them since they are even smaller than he is.

Sir Oliver and his pumpkins

4. Sir Oliver with his pumpkins.

Actually just one of these pumpkins is Sir Oliver’s. The rest are for our chipmunks.

Sir Oliver with his scone

5. Sir Oliver taking a selfie.

Sir Oliver loves the limelight! He also loves scones since they remind him of his homeland.

Mr. Ken and I are getting lots of enjoyment following the adventures of Sir Oliver.