The view from a window

Posted on July 10, 2019


I just love the long, lazy days of summer. I find myself slowing down, not just because of the heat, but because everything just seems so much more relaxed now. I am happy that we get to eat our meals in the daylight. Our family room/eating area is my favorite room in the house (aside from my exercise room that is), it gets sun all afternoon long. It has windows on three sides.

These days, there is plenty of activities going on outside.

ruby-throated hummingbird

1. The darling little hummingbirds.

Mr. Ken hung a special hummingbird feeder and literally within hours, we had several of these adorable little creatures stopping by for a drink. I am still amazed at how something so tiny can eat so much! My favorite is the ruby-throated hummingbird.


2. More little bird friends.

We have a very colorful goldfinch that stops by most afternoons to take a bird bath. It is so much fun to watch them sitting in the bird bath, madly flapping their wings.


3. Our chipmunk friends.

This year, our little guys are named: Kennie, Buster and Thomas. Kennie and Buster live in the back yard and Thomas lives in the front yard.

baby bunny

4. Baby bunnies.

Baby bunnies are cute. Their parents, not so much. The parents are quite destructive and will eat every plant and flower in sight!

So what do you see from your windows?