Big brother is watching!

Posted on May 22, 2019


box for the Thing

This mysterious package showed up on our doorstep the other day. This box looks like a box for expensive men’s cologne. I was confused since I know Mr. Ken does not wear cologne.

Mr. Ken quickly absconds upstairs with the box. I hear nothing more of it until the next day. I came downstairs and saw this little thingie sitting on our tv case. I thought it was cute. Until, I heard Mr. Ken’s voice, seemingly coming from this little thing. He said, “Hello Nancy. I like what you are wearing.” What?????

the Thing

Well, it turns out Mr. Ken bought a security camera. For what, I have no idea. Maybe it is to check to see if our chipmunks come in the house.

I have now named this “The Thing.”

It is very big brotherish; he controls this Thing from his phone. So, even if he is not at home, he can activate “the Thing,” from anywhere.

Too scary.