The cranky couch potato

Posted on December 5, 2018


cranky couch potato

So here we go again – more foot surgery. So much for my enhanced fitness routine – I enhanced myself into more foot injuries. I had another neuroma on the same foot as before, just a different location. Supposedly there are no more places on this foot for a neuroma to appear. Of course, there is always my left foot.

The first few days after surgery were a blur since I spent the time sleeping due to the pain killers. Now the fidgeting begins. I am supposed to stay off my feet for several weeks. I never realized how much I get up and move around until I can’t. I sit on the sofa. Oops, I am thirsty and need a glass of water. I hobble over to the sink and back to the sofa. I decided I need to go to the bathroom. I hobble over to the bathroom and back to the sofa. I decide I want to read a different book, so I hobble over to the bookshelf to get the book and back to the sofa. And so it goes.

The one bright spot is that I am having fun trying to figure out how I can still exercise while resting my foot.

This is a life lesson in learning patience. I still have a lot to learn!