Hiding in the bushes

Posted on January 10, 2018


amazon package
Just some random thoughts this week, I’m still relaxing from Christmas break.

So, I ordered some things from Amazon. And me, being the cheap, er, frugal person I am, never want to pay shipping so I had to order more stuff to make the required minimum. I think if I did the math, paying the $4.00 in shipping for a $12.00 item is much cheaper than buying additional stuff . . .

Amazon, like all retailers, allows you to track your package. They also send you an email when the package is shipped and another one when package is delivered. Hah! So I get the email that says my package is delivered. It is one of the very cold, wintery nights. I look outside from the warmth of my house and don’t see any package. I am reluctant to go outside, but I want the package, so I grit my teeth and go outside. Don’t see any package. I checked the side door too.

I immediately send an email to Amazon. Well, not immediately, since it took me fifteen minutes to find the Customer Service Contact information for Amazon. I get a reply that says, “Thank you for contacting Amazon. Please allow 36 hours after your package has been marked delivered for it to show up.” What????? Doesn’t delivered mean it has arrived at the shipping address?

The Customer Service rep was nice though, she said she would send out a replacement after the 36 hours and I wouldn’t have to do anything. For the next few days, I am anxiously awaiting the package. Finally I find it, hiding in the bushes! I want to give the delivery person the benefit of doubt and hope he put it there so it wasn’t visible from the street and to potential thieves.

It is a good thing that I thought to look in the bushes though. Otherwise, the package would still be out there and I would be sending more emails to Amazon.

What about you? Have you had surreal customer experience lately?