A local walk in the woods

Posted on October 25, 2017


Even though I live in a suburban, built-up area, I can still find nice, natural places to walk.  One such place is the campus at Wellesley College, specifically around their Lake Waban.

It was a glorious fall day last week and I wanted to take advantage of this nice weather.  Here are some of the sights I saw.

1. View from Lake Waban.

The leaves are just starting to turn. There is nothing prettier than fall in New England. Note the classic spires of Wellesley College in the background.

wellesley college lake waban

2. Hunnewell Estate Topiary Garden.

A nice surprise on the walk is the Hunnewell Estate Topiary Garden. How pretty and creative.

hunnewell estate topiary garden

3. Pretty and colorful winter berries.

Some bushes have lost their leaves alraeady. But this bush makes up for it by having brightly colored berries.

winter berries

4. Happy dog.

Dogs love to walk in the woods. How can you be sad when you are watching a dog having fun? This little guy was so happy, he could barely contain himself.

happy puppy

What sights have you seen lately?