We aren’t 30 anymore

Posted on August 9, 2017


getting older

I have come to the sad realization that we are not 30 years old anymore. I kind of knew this since it has been many, many years since I celebrated that birthday, but recent events have brought home this fact.

  1. No more Mexican jumping beans.

In the evenings, Mr. Ken and I like to sit and watch our Netflix. Our current obsession is Midsomer Murders, a detective series that takes place in “idyllic” English villages. It used to be that Mr. Ken couldn’t sit still; he was like a little Mexican jumping bean. Side note for those of you under 40; you have probably never heard of these. These are little beans that have been inhabited by a small moth. The moth moves around and it looks like the bean is jumping. It’s something we used to watch for fun when I was a kid.Β  Mr. Ken used to watch 5 minutes of a movie and then jump up to dust the coffee table. Or he would jump up and get something to eat. Now, he usually falls asleep after the first 10 minutes.

2. The closet is your friend.

Mr. Ken loves his lawn. Does he love it more than me or more than his car? Probably not, but he loves it never the less. It’s 90 degrees and sunny.

Mr. Ken: “It’s time to mow the lawn.”
Nancy: “No it isn’t. It is too hot.”
Mr. Ken” “But I always mow the lawn on Fridays. I have been doing that for years and years.”
Nancy: “You are not getting any younger. You’ll end up with heat stroke and I will have to take you to the Emergency Room. You know how much you hate hospitals. Just don’t look at the lawn. If you are really desperate, we can pull down shades and you won’t even see it.”

Side note: this is how I deal with not being motivated to clean. I put the clutter into a closet and presto, problem solved!

3. Pop, pop, pop!

One of my walking routes goes through a local college. Even though it is summer, there’s plenty of activity like sports camps. On one field there were groups of young teens warming up for soccer. They were marching across the field, kicking their legs over their heads. (Yes, their legs really went over their heads and they did this without falling flat on their faces.) I was thinking to myself, “If I even attempted to stretch my leg like that, my hamstring would pop and I would probably never be able to walk again. Come to think of it, I couldn’t even do that when I was their age. That is probably why I never liked playing soccer.”

So, I think Mr. Ken and I will settle into our little routines of watching Netflix and easy walking. What’s next? His and hers rocking chairs?

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