Forced inactivity – ack!

Posted on November 30, 2016


As my December 2 foot surgery looms, I am getting prepared for a long period of forced inactivity. As my doctor likes to say, “For the next several weeks, you will be living in a triangle consisting of the sofa, the bathroom and your bed.” For someone who loves to exercise for at least an hour a day, plus walk about 5 miles a day, this will be torture.

I am planning ahead on ways to occupy my mind and body.

downton abbey

1. Downton Abbey.

I am the only person in America who has not watched this series. That will change, as I plan a marathon session to watch all the episodes.


2. Reading.

There is nothing I love more than to curl up with a good book. Now is the perfect chance to read all those books on my many “must read” lists.

adult coloring

3. Finding my creative side.

As a more analytical sort, I don’t have much of a creative side. But, this will change during my convalescence. I always loved coloring when I was a child, and now with the adult coloring craze, I have a perfect excuse. I went to a local store and bought some very fancy pencils and a few coloring books. I joke with my friends that they will all receive a framed picture that I colored for Christmas.

exercise dvds

4. Exercise (of a sort).

As I am going through my exercise routines now, I am making note of which DVDS I can do sitting down. Since I have so many(!) DVDs, I have lots to choose from.

And I can’t forget Miss Jessica and her adorable French bull dog sidekick, Peanut.Β  Even though Miss Jessica has lots of walking DVDs, I can always modify by sitting in a chair and just moving my legs up and down.Β  I just love working out with Jessica because she is so positive and upbeat.

dear mr ken

5. Mr. Ken.

What is he doing in the middle of my blog post? I will have to rely on my dear husband to make my meals. Uh, oh. Somehow, I don’t think he will be making all my “weird concoctions” like kale scrambled egg whites, but rather I may be existing on a diet of take-out McDonalds!

meditation and prayer

6. Prayer and meditation.

Sure, I meditate now, but I can only manage about 10 minutes before I start fidgeting and daydreaming. Or if I manage to last more than 10 minutes, I usually fall sound asleep and manage to wake up an hour later!Β  I am going to really concentrate on increasing my meditation time now.

You will notice that the computer is missing from this list. I must keep my foot elevated or I will pay the price. My desk chair is on wheels, so that could be a dangerous activity, trying to balance my foot and stay put in the chair.

What do you do when you are forced to be still for a long time?

Stay tuned for updates.

Downton Abbey photo from Downton Abbey Spoiler TV.