Cool weather is upon us

Posted on November 16, 2016



Sadly, it was time to put our kayaks away. We had a bit of a conundrum this year, since we now have to store four kayaks where we used to store only two. The other two had been kept over at my Mom’s house in her garage. But leave it to Mr. Ken to come up with a solution – hanging kayaks!

These lovely boats all have names. There is:

Little Red – Nancy’s red kayak (bottom left)
Goldfinch – Ken’s yellow kayak (bottom right)
Bumblebee – Nancy’s yellow kayak (over Goldfinch)
Bluebird – Ken’s blue kayak (over Little Red).

During those cold, snowy days, I wander down to the basement to visit our kayaks and to dream of those warm summer days. Hopefully they will be here before we know it!