Mr. Ken’s fitbit adventure

Posted on April 20, 2016


mr ken and fitbit

Earlier this month, it was my dear husband’s birthday. Since he has recently been on a walking kick (what better way to work off all those donuts!), I thought I would encourage this healthy new habit by getting him a fitbit as a present. Here’s the story of Mr. Ken and his latest toy.

lime green fitbit

1. Happy Birthday Mr. Ken!

Mr. Ken is very excited when he opens the box with the fitbit. I’m just about to offer to help him set it up, when he quickly disappears upstairs, fitbit in hand. About five minutes later, he comes downstairs with the fitbit proudly displayed on his pants pocket and says, “All set to go.” Mmm, it took me a week to figure out how to set up the fitbit and sync it to my computer and phone. Obviously, I am not a geek.

2. Time to walk.

Mr. Ken is a creature of habit. He likes to take his walks at precisely 11:05 am. It has warmed up a bit, but it isn’t too warm. Yet today, on his birthday, Mr. Ken disappears out the door at 10:00 am, mumbling something about testing out the fitbit. What? Mr. Ken is doing something off schedule???? This has never happened before.

3. The first report.

Mr. Ken comes home exactly one hour later and proudly reports that he has walked 7700 steps. I am happy that he is so excited about his new toy.

4. The second report.

At lunchtime, Mr. Ken reports that he is now up to 8500 steps. I’m thinking, “Isn’t that cute, Mr. Ken really wants to keep active.”

5. The third report.

At 2:00 pm, Mr. Ken reports that he has only gone another 100 steps and that he needs to step things up a bit. I’m thinking, “This isn’t quite so cute anymore, but this is the first day of having this toy, so it is to be expected.”

6. The continuing reports.

Okay, so now every hour on the hour, I’m getting an exact step count. I am beginning to question my sanity in buying this item for Mr. Ken.

7. Day 2 with the fitbit.

Mr. Ken wakes up and immediately puts on his fitbit. He is very serious about making every step count. He runs over to his computer so that he can sync the fitbit. This is all before he even says “good morning.” I’m thinking, “Oh no, I have created a monster.”

8. The donut dilemma.

Mr. Ken pulls out the calculator and starts to figure out how many steps he has to take to work off the donut he is planning on getting during his walk. He quickly puts the calculator away when he realizes that it will take a LOT of steps to work off one donut.

9. A little competition never hurt anyone.

Mr. Ken says to me, “Now I know why you are always walking back and forth, without seeming to do anything. You are trying to get in more steps. I am going to start doing that too.”

I can just see it coming, “No, you can’t take that empty bottle down to the basement recycling bin because you took the LAST one down! Oh, okay. You take the cap down and I’ll take the bottle”.

Have you entered the fitbit revolution yet? If you have not, once you do, you will be hooked! ๐Ÿ™‚