You’ll never believe my latest obsession

Posted on February 24, 2016


mcdonalds cheap coffee

McDonalds! Yes, you read that correctly. This exercise and healthy eating obsessed person has come to love McDonalds. Ever since there has a been a McDonalds in my home town, I vowed never to set foot in it. After all, this company is the original creator of fast food. Can we say poison and obesity?

One day as I was out and about doing my errands and minding my own business, I walked by McDonalds and I was struck by the sign in the window, advertising $1 for any size coffee. I was craving some coffee, so I went in and checked it out.

mcdonalds one dollar coffee

The coffee is not only cheap, but it’s delicious! It’s Green Mountain coffee and any size is only ONE DOLLAR. And, if you smile nicely at the cashier, you get the senior discount, bringing the grand total down to $0.85. This can’t be beat. I am not THAT old, but I guess compared to the 12 year old cashier, I must seem to be old. Hey, I’ll take it if it means cheaper coffee. 🙂

The interior is kind of cool too. It’s more of a retro 50’s diner look.

mcdonalds interior

There are even little secluded sitting areas, note the interesting wall that acts as a separator.

mcdonalds wall

So now, I make McDonalds part of my daily routine. I sit enjoying my coffee and a book. Life is good. Who would have thought?

Do you have any surprising obsessions/interests?

Pictures thanks to yours truly and her trusty smartphone. 😉