A walk through Cambridge

Posted on December 16, 2015


One of the many reasons that I love what I am doing right now is that I get to travel frequently to Cambridge, my favorite city in Massachusetts. I take the train into South Station, Boston and then I walk all the way to Harvard Square. It takes me about 90 minutes.

I thought you all would enjoy some of the sights I see when I am walking through Kendall Square Cambridge.

First of all, there’s the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). I feel so smart walking around MIT.

mit dome

As you walk further down the street, you can still smell the Necco wafers, from the old Necco Factory that is now a Novartis Building. I love Necco wafers!

necco wafers

necco factory now novartis

The Cuchi Cuchi Restaurant is quite a sight to see. Only in Cambridge would such a colorful restaurant fit right in.

cuchi cuchi restaurant

The cute little park in the middle of a busy street. I have no idea of the significance of the vine like balls hanging in the trees.

vine balls in cambridge park

This is just a sampling of what I see on my walk to Harvard Square. You sure don’t see these kinds of things in the suburb where I live!

What areas around you have interesting sights?