The joy of housework

Posted on January 21, 2015


lime jello - yum
Yes, that’s right, I used the word “joy” and “housework” in the same sentence. I’ve spent the past few weeks staying with my Mom. She fell and luckily she didn’t break any bones, but she really gashed her leg and arm, so I need to be around to help her. I want to make her life easier and surprisingly, I’ve found one way to do that is to make sure her house is clean and she has good food to eat. I have found great satisfaction in this.

Now, let’s talk about jello. For me, jello ranks up there with Brussels sprouts and cauliflower in terms of the yuck factor. But my dear mother loves jello. Enough said. I should mention here that I did get straight “A’s” in home economics, back in the day. But since then, my domestic and culinary abilities leave much to be desired.

I thought I was doing fine until it came time to make jello. How hard could that be? All you need to do is tear open the jello package, pour in some boiling water, stir and pour in some cold water. Even a monkey could do that, right? Well, it helps if you know your measurements. For some strange reason, I’m thinking 16 ounces makes a cup. As I’m pouring the water in, I’m saying to Mom, “The jello mixture doesn’t fit into this bowl, you must be confused as to which bowl you use for jello.” Mmm, that didn’t go over well with her since she insisted this bowl is the one she always uses. I then realized that I was using twice the amount of water. Oh dear, that will teach me to do something while I am thinking about 6 other things.

So there wasn’t too much joy in the jello this time.

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